Custom mobile app development platform for all users.


User Profiles get richer over time storing all interests and activity. You always get a holistic and current view of the user.


Client APIs give you granular access to the User Profile so you can tailor the App experience to the individual.

Mobile app development & personalization platform - API Diagram

Dashboard APIs let you send your data anywhere. Export to a data warehouse and run your own big data analysis. Embed analytics widgets on 3rd party dashboards.


CleverTap takes care of all the plumbing from a client side cache to optimize network traffic to fast syncing so your app always has the most current state of the user on the client. Our Data Store unifies user actions & profiles and processes them at unprecedented speed and scale.


Server APIs let you import data from anywhere. Pull in offline user actions from a POS system and we’ll unify the data on the user’s profile. Import customer identities from 3rd party systems.