Case Study

Kitabisa Maximizes CLTV by Improving the User Journey & Conversions

30%Week-on-Week Retention
2xMore Donations per User

The Kitabisa Story

Founded in 2014 in Jakarta, Kitabisa (literally meaning “We Can”) is an Indonesia-based online fundraising and donation platform. Their mission is to connect people with causes they care about, becoming the only giving platform and app they need.

Kitabisa has seen phenomenal growth in four years with a user base of over 2.3 million which has collectively raised over 731 billion Indonesian Rupiah (US $ 51.4 million) for over 26,000 campaigns supporting social causes.

The platform enables individuals, communities, non-profits, and companies to raise funds by creating a fundraising page for various social, personal, and creative endeavors.


  • Multi-channel Marketing User Activation & Onboarding
  • Personalization at Scale Marketing Automation at Scale
  • Contextual Engagement User

As the leading fundraising platform in Indonesia, Kitabisa wanted to actively engage its 2.3 million user base across the web as well as through its mobile app. The app showed a high number of transactions, and Kitabisa wanted to focus on improving retention rates for their loyal users and maximize their lifetime value (LTV).

They knew the First Time User Experience (FTUE) is critical for the success of any app. Additionally, Kitabisa noticed that over 50% of its users dropped off between app installation and onboarding. After the first launch, these users would not register or sign up to pledge for their first donation, which was one of the core challenges Kitabisa hoped to overcome.


In order to gain a better understanding of their users’ journey, Kitabisa leveraged CleverTap’s analytics features including funnels and cohorts. These features enable them to identify the friction points, usage, and churn trends.

They also use this data to create actionable segments by sending relevant messages on the channel users are most likely to interact with, for example, an in-app notification during a first-time app launch.

With the use of Journeys, Kitabisa orchestrates seamless omnichannel marketing campaigns at scale without requiring any additional coding.

This has not only reduced marketing’s dependence on their development team, but also resulted in an improvement in week-over-week retention rates and LTV.


By analyzing their funnels, Kitabisa gets a better understanding of their user journey by identifying the friction points. Actionable insights enabled Kitabisa to significantly reduce churn and increase user engagement.

Cohort Analysis

By tracking user cohorts, Kitabisa can identify user trends, analyze churn, run effective win-back campaigns, and increase LTV.


Our automated segmentation feature allows Kitabisa to significantly improve the relevance and CTRs of their fundraising campaigns. These parameters for segmentation are dependent on the campaign objectives – from the users’ preferred causes to their frequency of donations, and more.

Maria Rara

“With CleverTap, we love the fact that we get a single view of each of our 2.3+ million users. The ability to make marketing decisions and run relevant fundraising campaigns based on real-time user insights has helped us grow our app, and drive retention numbers.” Maria Rara Product Manager

What’s next?

In order to optimize user experiences and send relevant campaigns to users across platforms, they established an additional layer of psychographic segmentation based on each user’s interests.

With CleverTap, Kitabisa is able to make marketing decisions and run relevant fundraising campaigns based on real-time user insights. This has helped them grow their app and drive retention numbers. And this helps the company continue to make a significant impact in the lives of its users.