Powerful analytics suite to understand user behavior

The more you understand your user, the better you can engage them.


Find out where users drop off

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Retention Cohorts

Measure how many of your new users come back.

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Optimize your campaign spends across channels

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Industry-first feature for better data visualisations and customer insights

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Rich User Profiles

Rich user profiles to understand your user better

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Track and analyze app uninstalls

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Device Crossovers

Get a single view of the users as they move from mobile to tablet to desktop

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Exceptional user engagement experiences powered by world-class analytics

Send contextual messages at the right place, right time and through the right channel

Clever Campaigns

Run pre-defined campaigns to retain acquired users, drive app engagement and reduce churn

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Triggered and Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule one-time, recurring, and triggered campaigns based on user behavior and profile

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Send personalized messages using name, location and past behavior to drive engagement.

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A/B Testing

Compare multiple versions of a message with different copies, creatives or calls to action.

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User Segmentation

Group users based on their activity, location and profile info to analyze and engage them in real-time.

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Developer ready platform puts you in control of your data

CleverTap personalization APIs let you build customized experiences at scale.

Server APIs

Import data profiles or events from any source or export your data for external analysis to your CRM, business intelligence or any other platforms


Trigger workflows in your backend systems as soon as the qualifying event occurs . For e.g. Trigger a workflow to your call-center system as soon as a high value customer abandons cart.


55 billion

1 billion

10 billion