App Analytics

July 6, 2018

An app analytics tool is software designed to track the performance of your mobile app. Analytics give you the capability to monitor, and thus gain insight into how your users engage with your app.

The Importance of App Analytics

Analytics enable you to quantify your mobile marketing efforts, and see how effective your strategies are in engaging users. By comparing your app’s metrics with predefined industry metrics, you can benchmark your progress and develop better mobile marketing campaigns.

Any new industry starts out blind. But over time, analytics helps shape its future. By using analytics tools to measure and then share these metrics within the fledgling industry, performance benchmarks become clearer. And the processes used to attain those benchmarks are soon considered best practices.

A Multitude of App Analytics Options

There are many app analytics tools on the market. Some are plain vanilla app analytics suites. Others, like CleverTap, have both app analytics and user engagement features bundled into one platform. The trick is to find the best tool for your needs and to optimize your marketing technology stack so that you can measure and track all your marketing efforts.

Just remember: all the analytics data in the world won’t help you grow your mobile app unless you know how to interpret those numbers and apply the lessons that the data presents.

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