Convert, Retain, and Grow Your Mobile Users

User retention is more than just keeping your mobile app users. It’s about building loyal relationships that drive revenue growth.

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User Retention Drives Revenue

Use our industry-leading AI algorithm and omnichannel messaging to engage and convert users,
one metric at a time:

Monthly Retention Rates

Apply AI-based user activity insights to send relevant messaging and significantly improve retention rates.

Monthly Retention Rates

Key Conversion Rates

Every business has 3 to 5 critical conversion rates driving growth. Identify and improve them using our deep analytics and multivariate testing.
Key Conversion Rates

Customer Lifetime Value

Loyal customers buy more and refer your app to new users. Use our Customer Data Platform to find your champions and enable them to do more.

Customer Lifetime Value

Tools to Maximize Conversion and Revenue

With actionable data and a suite of omnichannel tools, you’ll have the power to analyze and engage your users with the right message on the right channel at exactly the right moment.
Audience Analytics
Audience Analytics
Who are your users? Where are they? When do they drop off? Tools like Flows, Cohort Analysis, Uninstall Tracking, and Funnels help you understand users better.
Advanced User Segmentations
Automated Segmentation
Forget manual segmentation. Our AI automatically segments users based on recency and frequency of use (RFM), user intent, and preferences so you can target the right users.
Customer Lifecycle Management
Omnichannel Engagement
We’re the only solution that lets you orchestrate campaigns across 12 unique mobile, email, and web channels — including WhatsApp for Business.
Customer Engagement
Campaign Optimization
Build powerful customer experiences using machine learning, triggered campaigns, intent-based segmentation and journeys.

CleverTap Fits Right Into Your Marketing Stack

Worried about data integration with your current tools? CleverTap fits into your existing martech stack and plays well with our Partner Ecosystem of marketing apps, including:
CleverTap Fits Right Into Your Marketing Stack
Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Customer Engagement

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