Travel App Engagement Benchmark Report 2023: Top 10 Metrics Marketers Need to Know

Understand how your travel app engagement compares to your industry peers.

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What’s Inside?

The travel industry has seen turbulent times as of late. Once COVID-era restrictions were lifted, massive pent-up demand overwhelmed an industry struggling to regain its equilibrium. As things settle, consumers will expect a certain level of stability and predictability and travel apps will do well to ensure their expectations are being met.

Benchmark data can help travel brands understand a changing marketplace and how consumers interact with a travel app. Comparative data equips marketers with the insights they need to create effective strategies for increasing engagement and retention.

  • Why Read This Report?
    Our latest benchmark report provides broad data, based on billions of data points, for how travel app users tend to behave at various points in their journey. With broad data on the essential metrics that drive growth and revenue, this report:

    • Lets you to compare your travel app’s performance against industry benchmarks, including: average time to sign up, average user engagement, and average click-through rates for push notifications

    • Provides insight into how consumers engage with travel apps so that you can craft effective strategies for increasing engagement and retention

    • Recommends the tactics that are most effective in improving KPIs so you can capture more trips and transactions and pull ahead of the competition

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