CleverTap Brings the Power of Triggered Notifications & Live User Segments to the Education Market

CleverTap’s new partnership with Hooked on Phonics and School4One will provide educators with deeper engagement and retention with parents, teachers and students alike.

CleverTap has today announced the expansion of its latest and most powerful mobile analytics & user engagement platform into the education sector. The initiative launches with partnerships with two companies and is now available to any educational organization seeking to deepen its understanding of its users in order to build the best desktop and mobile learning apps.


The announcement follows the successful use of the CleverTap platform by over 2,500 clients globally who drive immediate user engagement and better app retention on a daily basis. The key for learning apps is the ability to group and segment users based on their behavior within the app – how often they come, and what lesson they have completed or not yet completed. User engagement techniques using a mix of push notifications, in-app messages, email and even SMS is critical to get students and parents progressing systematically within the app towards their goals.


Product Managers, Marketers, and Developers can segment their users based on past behavior in very complex ways, but can also automate campaigns for behavior expected in the future using Live User Segments. Live User Segments offer clients real-time monitoring and analysis of critical user flows such as onboarding and conversion of their app users. The most successful automated campaigns are the ones that engage users exactly when they complete a specified activity, or even upon inaction, when they do not perform the desired activity within a specified amount of time, which could be minutes, hours or days.

Arkady Fridman, Product Evangelist for CleverTap, said that the move was a natural one for the company. “The landscape of education is changing, and the traditional formats of learning are being disrupted. CleverTap’s advanced user behavioral segmentation allows educators to segment their users into smaller, micro-segments based on behavior so that every interaction with that small group is very relevant, timely and personalized.”

For Hooked on Phonics and School4One, the partnership significantly enhances the value of their analytic capabilities and provides unparalleled insight into user behavior, down to every individual. Having the ability to message these users within the same dashboard is invaluable.

Robert Manger, President at Hooked on Phonics said that its use of the platform focuses on engaging parents. “CleverTap has been a very valuable resource to help us engage parents with relevant non-intrusive messaging at the right moments. The whole team – from our first interaction with Arkady Fridman and CEO Sunil Thomas, to their customer success group – has offered first class service from initial ramp-up to getting us fully integrated and running automated campaigns internationally.”

Felipe Saints Jean, CTO for School4One chose to use the CleverTap platform to deepen its understanding of iPad classroom users. “Our team has been working since 2012 to build the best apps to create and share educational content in the App Store. We chose the CleverTap platform to provide us with the best analytics and a deeper understanding of our iPad classroom users. This has enabled us to meet our teachers’ needs and deliver contextually relevant experiences and to increase engagement for their student programs.”

CleverTap offers blazing fast mobile app and website analytics, powerful real-time user segmentation and multiple ways to engage with users. CleverTap today helps more than 2500 customers understand their users, down to every individual and effectively engage them with timely, relevant and personalized campaigns.

Hooked on Phonics, is a leading creator of learn to read products and apps that are highly effective and incredibly fun. The company works with professional educators, interactive designers, writers, artists, and parents to develop step-by-step learning systems that help teach children critical reading, skills. Since the company was founded in 1987, more than five million families and thousands of schools have turned to Hooked on Phonics’award-winning program. Hooked on Phonics apps are available on all platforms – IOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, and desktop (PC & MAC). The physical Hooked on Phonics products are available at major e-tailers and retailers worldwide, and online at

School 4 One is an integrated workflow that makes it easy for teachers to use iPads. It bridges the gap between content, curriculum, and native iPad tools. This makes it easier for teachers to effectively use the devices to personalize resources for students, leave contextual audio-visual feedback over student work, track progress in Common Core Standards, and remediate using real-time formative assessment data. Best of all, it is frictionless for teachers to use and saves them valuable time.