Streaming Media App Engagement Benchmark Report: Top 10 Metrics Marketers Need to Know

Understand how your streaming app engagement compares to your industry peers.

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What’s Inside?

Satisfying consumers’ voracious appetite for high-quality streaming content is a complex and ongoing challenge for streaming apps. And this benchmark report provides insight into how consumers engage with OTT apps and equips marketers with strategies to achieve growth through effective engagement and retention.

  • Why Read This Report?
    This benchmark report lays out the essential metrics that drive growth and revenue for streaming apps. Harness these report findings to compare your performance against industry benchmarks and understand how you can improve and personalize your app experience to meet revenue goals. Discover:

    • The top 10 metrics that OTT apps should track, including: average time to sign up, average user engagement, and average click-through rates for push notifications

    • How other streaming apps are dealing with the same challenges of acquisition and retention

    • Actionable tactics for winning both the mindshare and heart share of your viewers

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