Customers Prefer CleverTap’s Mobile Marketing Platform

Here’s why everyday professionals like yourself choose CleverTap over other marketing platforms:

  • Our customers give us 4 out of 5 stars
  • We are the clear leader in 2019
  • Analyze, Segment, and Engage mobile users from one platform
Accelerate Growth with CleverTap’s Unrivaled Mobile Marketing Platform

Why Choose CleverTap?

Advanced analytics tools to understand user behavior
A visual campaign builder to create rule-based, omnichannel messaging experiences
Rule-based segmentation
A/B testing
Seamless data ingestion from multiple sources
Proven scalability
Omnichannel marketing functionality supporting 10+ channels
Remarketing through Google Audiences and Facebook Ads
Recurring campaigns
Automated segmentation via recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) analysis to identify engagement strategies
AI-powered predictive segmentation that automatically groups users based on how likely they are to complete (or not complete) a certain action
AI-powered product recommendations
Actionable funnels that allow you to create campaigns and segments from funnels
Visualize user app navigation to identify critical conversion paths and boost engagement
Reporting dashboard depicting how and by what extent users respond to marketing campaigns
Predefined campaign templates that effectively retain users, drive engagement, and reduce churn

Improve Mobile Marketing ROI

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