CleverTap and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform and CleverTap the industry’s only single platform for mobile customer conversion, retention, and engagement.

CleverTap and AWS: Better Together

How AWS and CleverTap Work Together

  • We were built on the AWS Cloud.
  • We can ingest over 10+ billion app events per day.
  • Our AI-driven segmentation and advanced analytics provide user insights.
  • Our Automated-omnichannel campaign engine orchestrates engagement programs.

With AWS EventBridge, CleverTap customers can easily back up, store, and analyze mobile event data without having to build a custom integration with AWS S3 or AWS Redshift

AWS EventBridge, S3, and Redshift


We provide customers with the ability to collect, store, quickly analyze and connect large volumes of mobile app event data at scale in realtime to discover user behavior insights, trends and patterns.


Customers can significantly reduce mobile user churn, drive engagement and growth.

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Improve Mobile Marketing ROI

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