Analyze Hidden Patterns in Your Data with Pivots

Powerful Data Summarization Tool Compares Performance of a Given Event Across All Its Properties Over Time.

CleverTap Pivots
Use CleverTap Pivots for Customer Insights

Tell the Complete Story of Customer Events

Pivots helps you dive into a single event that may be critical to your app. In a familiar spreadsheet-like view, look at an event’s session properties, geographical properties, technographics, demographics, and custom properties to rapidly isolate a unique trend or anomaly within an event. Something that may be difficult to pinpoint otherwise.

For example: compare average revenue per movie across cities to analyze ticket revenue by geographic area.

Identify Hotspots in Your Data with Heatmaps

Get actionable insight even faster with columnar and row-wise heatmaps that instantly help detect anomalies in your event data. Derive metrics of an event over a given duration by comparing categories, locations, content types, or any other event properties.

For instance, which albums and genres are most popular at what time of day. Heatmaps define hotspots in your data that you may not find using other analyses.
CleverTap Pivots for HotSpots
Use CleverTap Pivots for Analyzing Correlations Visually

Analyze Correlations with Interactive Visualizations

CleverTap’s Pivot analysis offers a number of visualizations to help you make quick decisions. Use stacked charts to assess the change in performance of one variable relative to others. Use bar charts for comparing categories or line charts to view changes in user behavior over time.

Predict revenue, analyze product placements, and influence customer behavior based on insights that empower your marketing efforts.

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  • Fandango Screenshot

    Uplift with engagement campaigns


    With personalized campaigns

    “We can look at the users’ journey across multiple devices: from the web, to their phone, or their tablet. This not only provides us with a single view of the customer but also improves engagement and the user journey across channels and devices.”
    Inma Cañadas
    VP of Marketing
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  • BookMyShow Screenshot

    With campaigns triggered by user behavior


    On personalized push notification campaigns

    “CleverTap’s impact is clear. Our conversions and traffic have increased over 50% in the last several months. CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. Their advanced mobile CRM lets us implement complex yet easy-to-set-up automated campaigns for our users.”
    Marzdi Kalianiwala
    Head – Marketing & BI, BookMyShow
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  • Lenskart Screenshot
    68%Higher Engagement

    With personalized push notifications

    75%More Efficient Campaigns

    With actionable insights

    “CleverTap offers the perfect mix of analytics and engagement, with actionable analytics and ease-of-use. With live user segments and real-time data, we always have our eye on the CleverTap dashboard to understand which users are dropping off and which campaigns need to be optimized.”
    Manan Bajoria
    Head of Growth Marketing at Lenskart
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  • Hotstar Screenshot

    With event-centric campaigns


    Using data-based insights from Pivots

    “CleverTap’s data-driven mobile marketing suite continues to play a crucial role in our growth. Using CleverTap we have been able to run omnichannel campaigns for a diverse set of use cases.”
    Mihir Shah
    VP of Product & Marketing Growth, Hotstar
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  • Cleartrip Screenshot
    8-10%Monetization Rates

    By delivering personalized multi-channel messaging

    5xMore Cross-Sells

    By using Live User Segments

    “Cleartrip is building a culture of digital transformation by combining cross-functional data. CleverTap’s marketing growth platform enables us to correlate data across devices and engagement channels for a KPI driven customer engagement strategy.”
    Suman De
    Director of Product Management, Cleartrip
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