A Scalable Platform That Helps Enterprises Thrive

Deliver Millions of Personalized Customer Experiences Effortlessly in an Age of Instant Gratification

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Send billions of personalized marketing campaigns and deliver delightful user experiences – helping you boost user retention, revenue, and growth.

Proprietary Event Store Responds to Customer Needs at Hyperscale

CleverTap’s proprietary event store provides powerful scalability that can handle record spikes in traffic and dynamically pre-provision capacity as needed. Massively parallel data ingestion and processing help us serve advanced user retention and growth use cases so that millions of users can enjoy live score updates, effortlessly book cab rides, and travel to dream destinations with deals created especially for them.

Proprietary Event Store Responds to Customer Needs at Hyperscale

Create Unified Customer Profiles for a Complete View of Customer Journey

Ditch the data silos to get a single view of your customer on a centralized customer data platform. Use an open API to bring data from multiple systems including CRM, Point of Sale systems, Email Service Providers, social media and other databases. Pass data to other applications of your choice using webhooks.
Create Unified Customer Profiles for a Complete View of Customer

Purpose Built to Orchestrate Messaging Workflows in Real Time

Embrace the power of machine learning to reveal new insights from millions of audience signals and bring speed and marketing efficiency to your enterprise. Personalize messages to user segments by predicting interests and preferences in real time. Explore creative possibilities by engaging at an optimal time with the right message to each user.
Respond to Customer Needs in Real Time

Enterprise-Grade Marketing Platform Built for Security and Reliability

Customer trust and data privacy are at the core of what we do. We are backed by a system architecture built for guaranteed uptime. Advanced access management and user permission and approval workflows give you complete control.
Automate Personalized Interactions at Scale to Act When the Time is Right

Rapid Experimentation to Bring Data Science to Growth Teams

Decentralize experimentation to measure the impact of all your engagement campaigns across teams. Use automated segments and A/B testing, then track campaign effectiveness by isolating a fraction of users from receiving the campaigns using control groups.
Rely on a Secure Enterprise-Grade Marketing Platform

Marketing Resources to Help You Grow

Unleash your brand’s growth potential with the power of robust data and analytics.