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Why CleverTap

Eliminate Data Silos with a Unified Customer Data Platform to Improve Business Decisions

Unify all customer data from online and offline channels in one place. Our customer data platform captures and operationalizes millions of data points from external sources. The result: silos are broken down and you get a persistent, 360° view of your users. We give you the insights to drive your marketing strategy so you can orchestrate truly contextual omnichannel experiences.

Unified Customer Data

Automate User Segmentation and Improve CLM Using Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Our advanced AI/ML capabilities provide relevant customer insights from our customer data platform. At the same time, we automate user segmentation so you can create targeted campaigns that improve customer lifetime value. Use a revolutionary customer lifecycle management model to choose actionable user segments using our RFM analysis tool. Identify your champions, loyal users, hibernating, and at-risk users based on evolving lifecycle stages and build contextual campaigns across every channel.
Automate User Segmentation

Orchestrate Campaigns Across Engagement Channels to Optimize User Experiences

Building personalized experiences at scale requires brands to constantly run experiments and improve their strategies. Our data science tools and advanced recommendation engine help growth professionals create a loyal base of customers from acquisition to retention; driving favorable outcomes. Create a long term, data-driven approach to customer engagement that brings context and personalization to the customer journey and measures success every step of the way.

Campaigns Across Engagement Channels

Winning with CleverTap

Unifies Customer Data Across Your Business
Unifies User Data Across Your Business
Understand and respond to your customer needs by developing a 360° view of your customer across marketing, sales and operations.
Build a Sustained Competitive Advantage
Builds a Sustained Competitive Advantage
Global brands have reaped more than $2B+ in combined revenues using our industry-first features such as intent based segmentation.
Orchestrate Your Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns
Orchestrates Your Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns
Reduce churn by 20% through automated campaigns that help you focus on user retention and growth challenges across marketing channels.
Aligns Goal-Based Marketing KPIs to Business Impact
Aligns with Your Success KPIs
Scale your revenue 3x by leveraging machine learning and AI that builds dynamic goal-based approach to marketing.
Handles Growth & Scale Seamlessly
Handles Growth & Scales Seamlessly
Experience a 1.6x jump in conversions at scale while building long-term brand loyalty with differentiated user experiences through our 1:1 campaigns.
Design Automated Campaigns Across Entire User Lifecycle
Automates User Segmentation
Deliver the right message at the right time on the right device using our real-time intent based, behavioral, psychographic and RFM segmentation.

The Only Enterprise-Ready Mobile Marketing Platform

Enterprise-grade Security
Enterprise-Grade Security
All data collection endpoints support TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 encryption protocols with the SHA256withRSA signature algorithm.
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We are hosted on AWS and have built a distributed architecture that keeps our service stable. We guarantee 99.99% uptime.
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Customer Success
Customer Success
Our customer success team will work closely with you on event design, campaign management, and product integration to make sure you’re successful from day one.
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Our ability to process billions of events in milliseconds allows you to respond to changes in customer behavior immediately – no matter how large your user base.
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Customer Centric
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