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Make user retention your growth story.

CleverTap offers a complete engagement and retention suite for your startup.

As part of the CleverTap for Startups program, we offer growing companies generous discounts to get started

  • Campaigns and messaging

  • Advanced analytics

  • Automated Journeys

  • Powerful Segmentation

  • Uninstall Tracking

  • Campaign A/B Testing

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Why focus on Retention?


The average app loses approximately 90% of its users in the first 30 days.

This has a massive impact on the customer acquisition costs and return on ad spend. User retention is the key to higher customer lifetime value, increased ROI, and faster, more sustainable growth.

The world’s top brands have it figured out: to retain customers, you must understand your users and deliver the kind of personalized experiences that lead to delighted customers.

Rocket Fuel for Young Companies

Some of the fastest-growing global brands use CleverTap to improve user engagement, boost retention, and build long-term customer relationships.

As an early-stage startup, it is important to invest in a marketing platform that enables growth teams to build a unified customer profile which helps them learn from user behavior, conduct meaningful experiments, personalize messaging, and run retention strategies that help you grow at lightning speed.


Use CleverTap to:

Maximize Retention and LTV

Connect data in meaningful ways to reach customers with content targeted to their unique behaviors and preferences across multiple engagement channels.

Prevent Churn in Real-Time

Understand app usage patterns and drop-off points to target customer who were at risk of uninstalling your app.

Connect in Meaningful Ways

Create powerful campaigns by segmenting users based on interest, past app usage, or current in-app behavior.

Loved By Global Growth Catalysts

With CleverTap for Startups you get:

Advanced Analytics

Funnels, Cohorts, Trends, Flows, Pivots, Real Impact

Powerful Segmentation

Past-Behavior, Live User, RFM, Custom List, Intent-based Segmentation

Campaign Messaging

Push Notifications, SMS, Email, In-App, App Inbox, Native Display, Web Push and Web Pop-Ups

Who Uses CleverTap?

Our world-class platform has helped these leading brands conquer common user engagement and retention challenges:

Customer Speak

  • “In startups, when you have too many things to manage at once and a limited team of people, having a platform like CleverTap which solves multiple problems is critical. As CleverTap combines analytics and engagement features in a single platform, we were able to replace multiple tools with CleverTap. Even large teams can benefit from it as they can improve the way they operate.”
    Vatsal Singhal Founder, Ultrahuman
  • CleverTap Startup Program

    • What’s Included?

      • A discount on the CleverTap for Startups Plan and add-ons for 12 months

      • Complete access to a library of marketing resources, product documentation, and ongoing user engagement events and webinars

    • Who is Eligible?

      • Apps with < 100,000 Monthly Active Users
      • Companies that have not previously received credits from another CleverTap program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply?
    To apply for credits, please complete the form on this page. We will get in touch with you to better understand your requirements.
    How is the discount applied?
    The discount is applicable on the overall plan (base plan + paid add ons) and is applied to your annual or monthly invoice.
    What happens if we go beyond our MAU count?
    If you exceed the MAU counts for your plan, overages will be billed at actuals. Discounts are not applicable on overages.
    Will we get onboarding resources to help us get started with CleverTap?
    Yes, we will share self-serve resources to get you started on this journey. These videos are a great starting point!
    I received CleverTap credits/discounts through another partner program. Can I re-apply?
    While we would love to support your continued growth, it would be unfair to other deserving startups. If you have previously received credits and exhausted them, you cannot re-apply.
    Want to know more?
    Join one of our weekly webinars to get a comprehensive understanding on how the product works. Register here: IST | PST

    CleverTap for Startup program is governed by applicable terms and conditions.