CleverTap Basic Plan

Suitable for apps with up to 100K MAUs
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Omnichannel Journeys
  • Automated Segmentation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Uninstall Tracking
  • Campaign A/B Testing
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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Understand user behavior with Funnels, Cohorts, and Trends. Get user-level uninstall insights and run win-back campaigns.

Identify and Reach Key User Groups

Leverage our powerful segmentation engine to segment users based on past app usage, current in-app behavior, or use RFM for automated segmentation.

Create Omnichannel Journeys

Build personalized, time-sensitive campaigns and multi-touch user onboarding journeys across channels like push notifications, in-app messages, email, SMS, and more.

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  • Attend our interactive demo webinar

    We will dive into the most popular reports, features, and use cases to show how you can fuel customer retention and growth for your app.

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Loved and recognized
by customers

Find out what our customers are saying about how they use CleverTap Basic Plan to build strong customer relationships and improve user retention.
  • In startups, when you have too many things to manage at once and a limited team of people, having a platform like CleverTap which solves multiple problems is critical. As CleverTap combines analytics and engagement features in a single platform, we were able to replace multiple tools with CleverTap. Even large teams can benefit from it as they can improve the way they operate.
    Vatsal Singhal Founder
  • CleverTap’s automated segmentation not only allows us to better understand customer journeys but also to understand engagement rates across diverse groups of users.
    Tahem Verma CEO
  • We chose CleverTap because it had everything we needed in terms of engagement to get us off the ground. We are able to nurture our members and aid them in feeling connected to their community. Our goal is to have our members contribute and feel closer to their community. CleverTap powers us in this goal by enabling us to demonstrate value to our Members and users so that they can get to know their community better and find new ways to participate.
    John Ludes Co-founder & COO
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    Mobile Platforms
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    In-App Purchase

    Frequently Asked

    1. How do you calculate Monthly Billable Users, and what’s a data point?
    Monthly Billable Users is based on the MAU (monthly active users) and data points you incur. If a user performs an action in a calendar month, they are counted as an MAU. A data point is an event, event property, or profile property update.
    Monthly Billable Users is based on whichever is highest:
    1. MAU tier limit as defined on your plan,
    2. The Actual MAU usage, or
    3. Processed MAU, which is the total data points used divided by allowed data points per MAU. A total of 2000 data points are allowed per MAU. In most cases, users perform fewer than 2,000 data points per month.

    More information on CleverTap Basic Plan billing here.
    2. How long does it take to integrate CleverTap and do I need a software developer?
    The time to integrate depends on the speed and skills of your software developer. It also depends on the number of metrics you want to track and the mar-tech stack of your business. We have customers who have integrated CleverTap in a week’s time. It’s recommended that you begin with tracking only the most essential metrics for your business.
    3. Is there a place where I can find all features listed?
    You can find all our features that are a part of the CleverTap Basic Plan, including the add-ons, here.
    4. How are add-ons priced? And do we get any free add-ons?
    The price of add-ons is 5-10% of the base plan. We also have free add-ons. Look for the free add-on labels here to get access to them.
    5. Can I integrate CleverTap with other solutions?
    Yes, CleverTap supports integrations with many solutions you may have in your MarTech stack. In addition, we continue to partner with complementary solutions and expand our pre-built integrations. Find out more about our current partners.
    6. Do you provide a CleverTap product walkthrough or access to a Demo account?
    Join our interactive webinars to get a comprehensive understanding of how the product works. Register here to join a demo. You can also sign up with CleverTap Basic Plan and get access to a demo e-commerce account that’s been populated with sample data for you to explore.
    7. Are Email and SMS integrations a part of the plan? Is the cost incurred included in the plan?
    You can integrate with Email and SMS service providers of your choice as part of the plan. CleverTap adds no additional charges for this in the plan, as the cost is settled between you and the service provider.
    8. Is WhatsApp included in the CleverTap Basic Plan?
    Yes, it is available under this plan as an add-on at 10% of the base plan.
    9. Do I get onboarding or setup help with CleverTap Basic Plan?
    The CleverTap Basic Plan offers –
    1. Integration Checklist to guide you through onboarding and setup
    2. Detailed product & developer documentation
    3. Upskill videos within the Dashboard to help you learn faster
    4. Learning & growth webinars, and a lot more

    If you encounter an issue while using a feature, you can create a support ticket from the dashboard.
    10. Do you offer any discounts?
    Yes! We offer discounted pricing to eligible startups via the CleverTap Leap Program. Check your eligibility here.