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How Beblue Achieved 96% Spike in Daily Acquired Users

See how Beblue almost doubled their daily acquired users and increased partner businesses by 16% through personalized campaigns powered by advanced segmentation based on user behavior.


The Art of Onboarding Mobile App Users

This paper endeavors to demystify the process of onboarding new customers and offers best practices and recommendations on how you can grow app usage and business revenue.


Make User Onboarding Easy with CleverTap

With CleverTap, User Onboarding gets super easy. We help you analyze user data and get actionable insights in real time. No more brute force approaches to onboard new users!


CleverTap - Appnique Joint Webinar

This will help you learn ways to attract users who will have a true affinity to your brand and to develop a deep and lasting relationship with the users, by learning what they like, what they did or did not do in your app.


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