A Quick-Start Guide to Automated Segmentation with RFM Analysis

No matter what type of app you have, every one of your users is unique — and each will react differently to your marketing campaigns. So how can you tailor your efforts to reach the right audience?


Psychographic Segmentation: Turn Every Moment Into an Opportunity

CleverTap is staying at the cutting edge of innovation to build sophisticated machine learning models to help its customers reinvent segmentation strategies. Psychographic segmentation is the latest step in the area.


Segmentation Strategies for Mobile Marketers

Join YouAppi & CleverTap in an in-depth discussion on the best practices in segmenting your users to drive ROI. Learn effective engagement and re-engagement techniques, plus view case studies.


Get Up Close and Personal with your Users

Learn how behavioral analytics and segmentation can improve your app metrics and maximize mobile engagement & retention. Build contextual engagement strategies based on actionable analytics.


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