Mobile App Monetization Strategies for 2018

A collection of 7 time-tested monetization strategies for all mobile app verticals. The whitepaper has both age-old dependable strategies along with out of the box ideas for monetization.


The Secrets Behind Successful App Launches- GoT Edition

If App marketing took place in the world of Game of Thrones, how would the characters compete? Read a definitive app analytics stack guide in pure fan fiction style.


Marketing strategies for the mobile startup CEO

Collection of data based, real world and pocket-friendly strategies for CEO of every mobile startup.


The Psychology of Insanely Addictive Apps

This guide uncovers and analyzes some of the most potent cognitive biases influencing the design for highly addictive apps.


7 Channels to Grow your Online Retail Business

Read this whitepaper to learn more about the various marketing channels that popular retail brands are increasingly using in their growth strategies and how you can leverage these to increase sales by a factor of almost 2X.


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