How to Re-Engage Mobile App Users

Join AppMasters & CleverTap to discover what key engagement and retention strategies to focus on, how to personalize your push notifications to re-engage your users and the future of machine learning and AI.


How AI is Changing the Customer Retention Game

Join CleverTap and VentureBeat to learn how tapping into your oil well of data and harnessing it via marketing automation platforms powered by AI and machine learning can strengthen your customer retention.


Journeys - Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns on a Visual Canvas

Journeys lets you build long-lived, cross-channel campaigns that reach users on the right channel at just the right time. It gives you complete control over your user’s end-to-end experience with your brand.


Preventing Mobile App Churn

Only 23% of users come back to an app just three days after downloading. You need a retention strategy that works. This whitepaper is the only guide you will ever need to create a practical app retention strategy.


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