Product A/B Tests

November 24, 2020

New and improved Product A/B Tests is now available. This feature is available for customers with the Product Experiences Add-on.

What’s New?

  • Product A/B Tests, currently under Experiences, is now a part of Product Experiences in the main navigation.
  • Create an experiment in fewer steps with our overall design refresh.
  • Select if a user should be a part of one or multiple experiments at the same time.
  • Select whether customers qualified at the beginning of the experiment should continue to receive the variant, even if they do not qualify later on.
  • Qualified customers can now receive A/B test variants as soon as they qualify; previously, there was a delay of up to 24 hours.
  • Schedule product A/B tests at a later time.
  • Edit product A/B tests that are in progress. While doing so, different versions of a product A/B test are created. View different versions or republish an earlier version.
  • Select the test exposure event to track what percentage of customers who saw the experiment also completed the goal.