Gmail Promotional Annotations (Beta) – Enhance email discoverability & engagement

June 1, 2022

Gmail Promotional Annotations enable you to 

  • Highlight key information such as images, logo, promo codes, the expiration date on deals, etc., along with the subject and the preheader text in Gmail’s Promotions tab 
  • Showcase relevant information to recipients upfront, even before they open their emails
  • Add expiry dates to promotional emails, which provides two opportunities for customer emails to get highlighted in the Promotions tab, first when the email was sent and second when the offer is about to expire without them having to send a second email 

Simply upload logos, images, discounts, offer code and start/end date, subject line, and the sender’s name you want to be highlighted while setting up emails in CleverTap.

Currently, Gmail provides annotations only for mobile inboxes. This capability may be extended to the desktop inboxes at a later date. 

This feature will be available across all the plans but only in the new CleverTap campaigns UI. For more information, check out the documentation page here.