Why do Leading Global Brands Choose CleverTap?

Personalize Conten All-In-One Platform

You get advanced analytics, segmentation, customer journeys, and omnichannel engagement in one platform.

Personalize Conten Limitless Data Storage

We invented the industry’s only purpose-built database to empower you with a 10 year data look back & 10,000 data points per user.

Personalize Conten Personalization

Create memorable experiences that build brand love, loyalty, and advocacy.

Personalize Conten Transparent Pricing

Customizable pricing options built for your business, including unlimited Monthly Active Users (MAUs) or data-based plans.

Personalize Conten Industry-Specific Solutions

A platform tailored for your business model to help you maximize customer lifetime value and revenue.

Personalize Conten Customer Success

Our global dedicated teams are here to support and guide you throughout your journey, ensuring you achieve your desired outcomes.

CleverTap Customers Span the Globe

Thousands of brands in over 100 countries use our retention & growth platform to improve LTV and retention dramatically.


Your personalized demo

  • Learn how CleverTap can help solve your specific business challenges and unlock limitless customer lifetime value.
  • We understand your time is valuable, so we’ll keep the demo brief and conclude it within 30-45 minutes. 
  • Obtain answers to any questions about integration, go-live, and support.