Airbridge is a unified measurement solution featuring Mobile Measurement (MMP), Multi-touch Attribution (MTA), and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) packed into a single unified dashboard, helping marketers discover and maximize the true sources of growth while enabling their campaigns with tools such as deep-linking, real-time marketing analytics, audience builder, and fraud protection.

An Overview

The CleverTap and Airbridge integration lets customers pass all organic and non-organic install attribution data to CleverTap for building personalized marketing campaigns and discovering the true sources of growth. By integrating Airbridge’s attribution and unified measurement solution with CleverTap’s innovative engagement and modern retention platform, you get a comprehensive solution for hyper personalized omnichannel engagement campaigns, for an increased ROI.

Integration Benefits

  • Enhanced EngagementDiscover Sources of Growth

    Determine where exactly a user was acquired from, for a customized onboarding experience, resulting in higher customer engagement and retention rate.

  • Increased Conversion RatesAnalyze CLTV across the user journey

    Identify the acquisition channels that deliver the most engaged users and understand the true impact of your campaigns in influencing a conversion, for strategic business and investment decisions.

  • Reduced ChurnUnified Campaign Measurement

    Track information regarding ‘Install Events’, ‘In-App Events’ and measure campaign performance across multiple publishers via a single and unified dashboard.

  • Cost OptimizationPersonalize remarketing with acquisition data

    Build granular segments in real-time to engage users based on their acquisition sources and in-app events, for personalized remarketing and optimized marketing ROI.

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