Push notification platform

Push them to lasting engagement

Use our push notification platform to send personalized, rich-media push notifications that keep users hooked on your app.

CleverTap Push Notification
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Send personalized and media-rich
push notifications

Reach users that are currently not in your app by delivering a cross platform push notification that gets user attention and
moves them back to your app.
Reminder to new users
Nudge users to complete registration or check out app features.
CleverTap Push Notification Reminder
Target user drop-offs
Show users what they’re missing out by not using your app.
USer Drop-Offs Push Notifications
Booking reminder messages
Send out friendly reminders when a scheduled booking draws near.
Push Notification Booking Reminder
Re-engage lapsers
Entice inactive users to engage with your app using deals and promos.
Push Notification Re-Engagement

A/B & multivariate testing for push notifications

Try multiple copies, message and CTA variations along with the ability to use split delivery or send campaigns to an audience subset.
A/B & Multivariate Testing for Push Notifications

More power under the hood

There’s more power and functionality within CleverTap’s push notifications. Send them to deep links, localize your messages, and more.

Campaign reports and API for push

Measure the effectiveness of push campaigns. Extend the functionality of the CleverTap platform by integrating it using the API.