CleverTap Announces Partnership with MoonCode

November 18, 2015

CleverTap, a next generation mobile engagement platform, today announced their partnership with MoonCode, the Shopify for mobile apps. MoonCode enables E-commerce businesses to create their own mobile app in just a few clicks, while still giving the choice of a wide range of themes and possible customizations. CleverTap partnered with MoonCode to provide unmatched customer engagement capability to Shopify merchants in the fast-growing mobile e-commerce market.

“Mobile e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, and shows no sign of slowing down,” said Malcolm Friedberg, CMO of CleverTap. “According to Criteo, 40% of all digital retail transactions will be via mobile device by the end of this year. In partnering with MoonCode, we will be able to tap in to their expertise, while providing them with our real-time analytics and user engagement platform to form a synergistic relationship.”

“Because apps tend to stick around on the consumer’s smartphones, they allow businesses to be a lot more proactive than with traditional websites that have to rely on customers coming back,” said Amaury Soviche, co-founder of MoonCode. “Thanks to the partnership with CleverTap, MoonCode’s customers are now able to analyze and target their app users as precisely as just a single individual, to then induce the purchase decision.”

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About Mooncode
MoonCode provides an easy and cost-effective way to build a mobile commerce app in less than 5 minutes. MoonCode’s mission is to enable any e-commerce business to get the same mobile strategy as brands like Zara or Amazon for a fraction of the price. To install MoonCode from the Shopify App Store, visit

About CleverTap
CleverTap is the next generation mobile engagement platform. It enables marketers to identify, engage and retain users and provides developers with unprecedented code-level access to build dynamic app experiences for user groups. CleverTap includes out-of-the-box prescriptive campaigns, omni-channel messaging, uninstall data and the industry’s largest free messaging tier. To learn more about CleverTap visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter.