CleverTap and Mobile Growth Academy Join Forces to Help Hot Tech Startups

July 27, 2016

The two companies have joined forces to produce a variety of events designed to provide hot tech startups with the best possible combination of mobile app analytics and user engagement guidance and practical support through meetups, webinars, and video tutorials to support startups from product launch to mobile growth phases.


“Life can feel very lonely when you leave a job in a large company to launch a startup. All of the business support and resources you are used to aren’t available anymore,” said Monica Puchner, Head of Business & Developer Relations for CleverTap, “and you have to find your own solutions for everything from venture capital to growth marketing. In today’s mobile app economy, there are very few companies actively focused on helping startups, but that’s exactly what CleverTap and Mobile Growth Academy’s partnership was established to do.”


Adding to the challenge, all mobile startups operate under time pressure. Self-funded startups need to start generating cash as quickly as possible, while even well-funded ones can have alarming burn-rates as they seek to establish themselves. ‘Growth hacks’ – techniques designed to maximize the rate at which a startup grows – are the Holy Grail.


“Our video tutorials have helped over 4000 startups achieve success in the competitive mobile app marketplace,” said Nagi Salloum, CEO for Mobile Growth Academy, “but businesses need practical support as well as the best startup advice – that’s where CleverTap comes in. There are a number of companies that offer a suite of mobile marketing automation and CRM products, but most of them are price-prohibitive for startups. CleverTap matches the best feature-for-feature but offers pricing structures geared towards startups.”


The new partnership is already producing several Mobile Growth Startup events this summer. You can register for the next webinar, Critical Steps to Explode Your Growth Like Silicon Valley’s Top Mobile Apps on August 3rd at
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