Struggling to maximize Customer Lifetime Value?

CleverTap can fix that.

The average mobile app loses nearly 90% of daily active users after just 30 days. That’s 90% of the money you spend on acquisition campaigns down the drain.

To grow your business you need to build lasting relationships with loyal users who engage more, spend more, and bring in more new users through positive word of mouth.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Boost Customer Retention with Unified Customer Data

You’re sitting on a goldmine of user data. How you use it is the difference between 90% churn and repeat customers, higher CLV, and sustainable business growth.

CleverTap is the only platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create personalized customer experiences using real-time behavioral data. These precise predictive models result in engagement campaigns that meet each user’s unique needs at exactly the right moment.


Learn how to build a sustainable Retention strategy

Mastering Mobile Retention: The Marketer’s Guide to Building a Practical Retention Strategy
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