Rocket Revenues & Loyalty With Personalized Player Experiences: Data Science Report for Gaming Apps

Learn the current state of player engagement and personalization and discover huge opportunities for revenue optimization.

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What’s Inside?

Drawing data from across 1,800 campaigns and over 670+ million messages sent by ourcustomers in various gaming app categories, this report defines the state of player engagement and personalization.

More importantly, it outlines four strategies that allow your brand to navigate the changing landscape of personalization and find the opportunities for revenue growth.

  • Why Read This Report?
    Driving player engagement (and revenue growth) requires delivering more compelling and personalized player experiences. This requires engagement teams to meet, and even anticipate, demand for fresh content, exciting live events, and occasional surprises.

    This Data Science Report spells out four strategies that will help harness data to personalize your marketing campaigns and keep your players engaged:
    • Using universal and campaign holdbacks to measure impact

    • When holdbacks are unavailable, using Last Touch Attribution (LTA)

    • Boosting engagement and revenue through the personalization journey

    • Achieving greater revenue impact with advanced personalization drivers

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