Increase in-app engagement by creating mobile experiences that are based on native app content. Send relevant and timely in-app notifications based on user identity and real-time behavior within the app.

Welcome a new user when they launch your app for the first time

User onboarding is critical to the success of your mobile marketing strategy. Send in-app notifications to retain the hard-earned users by helping them find value as quickly as possible and increasing the likelihood of converting users into customers.

Show an offer when the user selects an item from your catalog

Monetize your user by creating a sense of urgency and drive conversions. Use funnel analysis and segmentation to show a relevant personalized coupon based on user identity, past actions and current behavior.

View reports on your in-app notification campaigns

Analyze deliveries, click-through rates and goal conversions for your in-app notification campaigns. Track campaign specific goals including revenue along with daily, weekly and monthly trend reports for campaigns triggered via user actions. Don’t misss the campaign reports delivered right into your inbox.


55 billion

1 billion

10 billion