CleverTap Retention Accelerator 2.0

Supercharge your startup growth with our all-in-one engagement platform at 100% discount and without any equity dilution.

Get access to exclusive events and expert sessions that help you devise your retention strategy and grow with strong retention and engagement KPIs.

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Applications for Cohort 2 are closed

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CleverTap Retention Accelerator for growing startups

Why apply for CleverTap’s Retention Accelerator

Converse in More Than 68 Languages
Free Access

Get complete free access to the CleverTap Essentials plan (upto 100K MAU) and add-ons, for 12 months.

Converse in More Than 68 Languages
Engagement Hours

Mentoring sessions on growth and retention strategies led by CleverTap Experts and industry leaders.

Converse in More Than 68 Languages
Showcase Opportunity

Get invited to podcasts, case studies, and investor sessions to share your growth journey and leverage the CleverTap network to build your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share more details on the timelines for accelerator application?
Applications for Cohort 2 are closed. Our team will review these applications and respond via email within 3 weeks of submission. Shortlisted applicants will be notified about the next steps via email.
As a CleverTap Essentials plan subscriber, am I eligible to participate in the retention accelerator program?
Yes, even if you already have an active CleverTap Essentials account, you can still apply for the retention accelerator program.
Are there any fees or equity charged for the accelerator?
No fees or equity will be charged from the selected startups for the accelerator. However, If they exceed the Monthly Active Users (MAUs) counts for their plan, they may incur overages. Discounts are not applicable on overages. Read more on how overages are charged for the CleverTap Essentials Plan.
What if I don’t get selected for the accelerator?
Even if you don’t get selected for the accelerator program, you can still avail the discount and other benefits through our CleverTap Leap community and be a part of the growing community. Check our Leap page here.
Is there a selection process?
Yes, once we close the application for the accelerator, we have a selection process that will choose 10 startups from the application received for our 2nd cohort.
Will it be a virtual or in person accelerator?
It will be a virtual accelerator. If there is any offline event then you will be informed and may choose to participate at your own expense.
Can I create a new CleverTap Essentials account right after applying for the Retention Accelerator?
Yes, you can create your new CleverTap Essentials account and start using the platform while awaiting the status of your application. This program is also available for existing customers.
Can you give more ideas about events and sessions?
We’ll conduct sessions specific to industries such as D2C, Fintech, Gaming, Ecommerce, etc. We’ll also have knowledge-sharing sessions pertaining to CleverTap’s role in devising one’s Retention Marketing strategy and it’s execution, along with investor sessions.