Wake up to the new dawn in omnichannel customer engagement and retention

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Wake up to the new dawn in omnichannel customer engagement and retention

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CleverTap is a unique platform that uses data science to help brands create magnetic mobile customer experiences that solidify their competitive advantage.

While we would love to welcome you all in person, we feel a virtual tour is more socially responsible given the current circumstances. Hope you are staying safe and can join us on this Virtual Tour.

During the Tour, you will hear from our CEO and Co-founder Sunil Thomas, expert growth marketers Andy Carvell and Lior Bakar, and our customers and partners like Tier Mobility, Phiture, and Snow. They will be sharing their knowledge regarding customer engagement and retention and how to turbo-charge your app growth strategy with omnichannel campaigns.

Our Virtual Tour will run every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the entire month of May. We understand that you may not be able to attend every webinar, so feel free to join whenever it’s convenient for you. For the full agenda see below.

Starting May 5, 2020 | 11:00am CEST | 10:00am GMT

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Date & Time Session Speaker
May 5, 11:00am CEST Wake up to the new dawn
Wake up to the new Dawn’ has a whole different meeting these days where most of the world is in lockdown and the economy is being hit hard. We now need to learn how we can manage our people and businesses in a shifting digital landscape to navigate these times and determine a course of action. Sunil has spoken with dozens of customers, investors and peers to gain perspective on how they are being impacted and how they are managing customer engagement and retention and moving forward. This keynote will be a collection of facts and anecdotes about the current state of the app market, the struggles, the opportunities, and a hopeful glimpse into a brighter, not-too-distant future.
Sunil Thomas, CleverTap CEO and Founder
May 6, 11:00am CEST Turbo Charge your App Growth Strategy
How do teams behind high-performing mobile apps succeed and what sets them apart? And, how do you build a robust process around data-driven CRM in your team and move beyond vanity metrics into the new dawn of impact-focused experimentation? Learn about the best-practice strategies and tactics from the leaders in mobile customer engagement and retention how to optimize across Engagement, Retention and Monetization to drive real impact and grow your business.
Andy Carvell, Phiture Founder and Partner
May 7, 11:00am CEST Data is like a plate of hummus – Why we need to stop worrying about data and focus on retention.
As many as 84% of CEOs are concerned about the quality of data they’re basing decisions on. Data noise has become a big data sickness, we often hear organizations proud of being “data-driven” but what we need to hear is, “We are data-centric” we know there is a lot of data out there, but we simplified our decisions so we can be a truly data-driven organization. In “Data is like a plate of hummus”, Lior Barak will guide you through the essential principles of becoming a data-centric, and forming data strategy. Just like in meditation, we need to learn to disconnect emotions and overthink from our decision making by separating between data, analysis and reports. In this webinar you will see how your organization can utilize data to become truly data-driven user-focused.
Lior Barak, Tale About Data Co Founder
Date & Time Session Speaker
May 12, 11:00am CEST Nordic customer case study – details to be confirmed Snow
May 13, 11:00am CEST Presentation – The Sole Supplier George Sullivan, CEO, The Sole Supplier
May 14, 11:00am CEST Changing mobility for good
Tier Mobility is leading the way towards seamless and sustainable mobility. Together with public and private organizations, they rethink urban transportation and reshape the landscapes of cities by offering easy-accessible and affordable mobility services. Tier Mobility is changing mobility for good and Lígia Falcão Boueres is their International Marketing Manager based in Berlin focused on Customer Engagement and Retention. In her presentation, Lígia will speak about how they are segmenting users, analyse their behavior, message them in real-time and personalize content and user experiences for their app and all communication channels via a single, easy to use dashboard. This happens mostly for omni-channel campaigns to increase retention and monetization and you will see examples of for instance in-app and push notification campaigns aligned with a social media campaign using different channels. A best practice in customer engagement and retention that you can join.Lígia Falcão Boueres, Tier Mobility
Lígia Falcão Boueres, Tier Mobility
Date & Time Session Speaker
May 19, 11:00am CEST TBA TBA
May 20, 11:00am CEST TBA TBA
May 21, 11:00am CEST TBA TBA


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