Supercharging Web Channel Campaigns with Enhanced Experimentation, Optimization, and Personalization Features

October 10, 2022

We understand the importance of creating exceptional experiences for your users, whether they visit your app or website. In our drive to help create better omnichannel experiences, we are introducing enhancements to web channel campaigns run through CleverTap. With these enhancements, you can deliver exceptional web user experiences through better workflows, additional experimentation options, and improved analytics.

  • With custom HTML templates utilizing click-tracking metrics, you will be able to measure the impact of your web pop-up and exit intent campaigns.
  • Keeping the importance of visuals in mind, we are now providing you the ability to personalize images used in web channel campaigns based on user property, event property, and product recommendations. You can also host images for your web channel campaigns directly on CleverTap’s CDN, eliminating the dependence on third-party solutions. This will help you deliver user experiences that are even more contextual and hyper-personal.
  • To help you experiment, you can now compare up to three message versions with different copies, calls to action, or a combination of these, in your web channel campaigns. This helps you experiment with more creative options and see the impact it generates on engagement and/or conversions.
  • To optimize your web campaigns, you can now use the Split Delivery feature to decide what percentage of the audience gets a particular message variant and compare campaign stats to identify the winning variant, which can become the default variant. You can also optimize web campaigns based on user properties and create up to 50 variants of the same message to drive experimentation and engagement.

For more information, refer to the documentation for Web Push, Web Pop-up, and Web Exit Intent channels. Please note that these enhancements are available in the new Campaigns Experience on CleverTap.