SMS 2.0

April 13, 2020

Check out our new and improved SMS functionality. These new updates include:

  • With Subscription API, CleverTap can now set and maintain the Do Not Disturb status of phone numbers that have been recently listed (or removed) on the National Do Not Call Registry. With this information, brands can:
    • Comply with government regulations by ensuring all users associated with an unsubscribed phone number do not receive promotional messages
    • Save money by excluding unsubscribed phone numbers from SMS campaigns
    • Target users on resubscribed phone numbers with SMS campaigns
  • Disassociate API: Brands can now dissociate a phone number from a user profile. If a user changes their phone number and the old number is allocated to a new user, there won’t be any incorrect profile merges. This is critical when a brand uses a phone number as an identity.
  • Email and Phone Number Search: You can now search for users by phone number and email as user properties. This is important when email/phone number is not used as an identity.
  • CleverTap offers pre-integration with Twilio such that customers using Twilio as an SMS provider wouldn’t need any additional integration to process phone number unsubscription and resubscription information.