Product Configs + Feature Flags

May 12, 2020

Building a great app is critical for businesses to retain users and increase revenue. This is why we have amped up the Product Experiences Add-on with two new features. These features give product and engineering teams the power to modify in-app experiences for different segments, without publishing any app updates which saves hours of development time.

These features are available with the Product Experiences Add-on.

  • Product Configs: Create personalized experiences in the app for different user segments based on user properties or their past behavior
  • Feature Flags: Easily turn a feature on or off in real-time. Feature Flags enable businesses to build and iterate on products faster, launch new features confidently, and control the timing of a feature release.
    • Increase the chance of success for a new feature by testing it with a limited set of users, iterate based on feedback, and then roll out the feature to all users.
    • If unexpected code errors occur, quickly switch off a feature in milliseconds to remove the poor user experience.
    • More easily control the release of any feature outside of a direct deployment from the engineering team. This makes it easier to confirm a release is ready and set it live at a strategic time by another team, to align to a marketing announcement or other identified time.