Linked Content and Liquid Tags for Push, SMS, Webhooks

July 10, 2020

Leverage the power of Liquid tags and Linked Content in push, SMS, and webhooks. Deliver individualized messages using dynamic content and increase the relevance of messages across channels.

The feature is available with the Advanced Plan.

  • Linked Content: Individualize content with rich and contextual data that is available outside of the CleverTap platform. Automatically include dynamic information directly in the messages such as available inventory levels, flight prices, movie reviews, game scores, current account balance, customized product recommendations, etc. at the time message is sent.

  • Liquid Tags: Personalize copy in the message by adding conditional logic like if-else statements to messages. For example, two different types of users would receive different messages from the same campaign – if the customer is ‘gold’ provide 20% discount, else provide 10% discount.