Constant Property Campaigns

October 7, 2020

Personalize Messages Using Event Property Values Matched Across Events with Constant Property Campaigns

With Constant Property Campaigns, personalize messages to each user by connecting one event property across many events. Set up a campaign once and it is automated to send to all users who perform that event with the event property they engaged with.

For example, nudge users who have begun watching a show and have not completed the season with a push notification. One Constant Property Campaign can be created to send push notifications with different content per user with the specific show names and episodes they are yet to complete in a season.

Constant Property Campaigns with multiple values provide the same functionality with the added ability to include multiple items in the message. Send users an email with a listing of shows a user has started watching in the past week to nudge them to continue watching over the weekend.

Constant Property Campaigns are available with the Advanced Plan.


Constant Property Campaign