Are You Using Push Notifications? Almost Everyone Else Is According to a Recent Market Survey From CleverTap

CleverTap surveyed mobile and marketing executives to find out how they plan to thrive in 2021 and beyond

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, January 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/CleverTap, a leading AI-powered customer lifecycle and user retention platform, today released the report Marketing Survey Research: The Biggest Opportunities for Mobile Brands in 2021, detailing over 150 mobile and marketing executives’ plans and projections for how to knock their marketing strategies out of the park in 2021 and beyond. CleverTap’s survey report features tactics to boost revenue, solve industry pain points, and bounce back from a year marked by uncertainty, and contains emerging trends to help guide marketers from all industries and skill sets as they put pen to paper and strategize on how to meet their goals.

“As we head into 2021 with the optimism of effective vaccines and a return to normalcy, our team wanted to go straight to the source and gauge how leading global experts in mobile and marketing are planning to make their big comeback,” said Dave Dabbah, CMO of CleverTap. “This report details no-nonsense data that marketers can leverage to rise from the ashes, protect their bottom lines, and deliver on individualized end-user experiences.”

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • The push notification reigns supreme: Across all industries, push notifications are by far the most-used channel, with 77.8% of companies using push to keep customers engaged with their app. The majority of marketers surveyed are sending between 1-5 messages per week.

  • A return to healthy revenue and budgets: 82% of respondents say revenue will either be the same as or higher than what they netted in 2019, with over 60% reporting revenue growth and just 17% of respondents reporting a lower than expected revenue compared to 2019. On top of this, over 65% of respondents say their marketing budget will be higher or stay the same compared to 2019.

  • Quick execution on data hits a near 50-50 split: Although 75% of respondents say using customer data to segment and personalize campaigns is a major goal, nearly half of marketing leaders (47.7%) can’t execute same-day insights from their customer data.

  • Low monthly uninstall rates point to continued value in investing in mobile marketing: Over 40% of apps are reporting low monthly uninstall rates with 20% or less monthly churn. In terms of metrics to watch, Customer Retention, Monthly Active Users (MAUs), and Session Time are the most important to track for companies with less than 1% monthly uninstalls.

“We marketers are no strangers to making data-driven decisions,” says Dabbah. “In these unpredictable times, e-commerce is being relied on more heavily than ever and the data clearly shows that marketers need solutions to reach their customers where they are in an increasingly mobile economy. From smart segmentation to push notifications, marketers will likely use their blossoming revenues to continue hedging their bets on a smartphone-ruled world.”

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