CleverTap Releases Travel Industry Benchmark Report to Improve Conversions Across Mobile User-Lifecycle Stages

Marketers can now benchmark their user journey metrics against global industry standards and leverage data-driven recommendations to drive growth and revenues

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, (Aug1, 2018) — The leading mobile marketing platform, CleverTap, today announced the release of it’s first-ever Industry Benchmark Report for Travel Apps across user lifecycle stages. This report empowers mobile marketers to measure how their app is performing against the best in the industry. Marketers can quickly spot the red flags not just across but also in between user lifecycle stages, and get actionable insights to improve their app metrics.

The competitive landscape for mobile apps is changing constantly, and this makes it critical for marketers to benchmark their growth against industry standards. By analyzing anonymous users who performed over 55 Billion events across 1 Billion devices in 2018, CleverTap released this report to enable marketers to quantify where their app stands against the competition, and spot the areas that need their attention.

Almitra Karnik, Global Head of Marketing at CleverTap said, “Without any context on the benchmarks from the top performing apps, it gets challenging to support your marketing investment decisions. The ‘CleverTap Industry Benchmark Report’ provides mobile marketers with industry-specific benchmarks for the essential metrics from leading global apps. To make the report actionable, every benchmark is complemented with data-driven recommendations, or say #CleverTips, that’ll help marketers optimize their apps across and between various stages of user lifecycle – from onboarding to engagement to retention to reinstalls – to positively influence their users.”

For instance, marketers that’ve recently acquired a new set of users should monitor the time these users take to login into the app. By comparing this metric against the industry standard, marketers can understand how effective the app’s onboarding process is and what more can be done to drive user retention. Additionally, comparing how many of these new users advance to the next lifecycle stage, and the time taken to reach there against industry standards will help marketers realize the problem areas in the user’s journey. These unique benchmarks on the progression of users through the lifecycle funnel enable data-driven marketers to monitor the performance of their app while keeping the user at the center of it. By exercising the actionable insights from the report, marketers can match the industry standard and optimize the user journey funnel.

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