Live User Segments let you track what is happening in your app right now. Define the criteria for the segment, and see it fill up as and when a user’s activity matches the criteria. Monitor in real-time how many app users are launching your app for the first time or how a live user segment is trending over time.

Use cases


Create dynamic segments based on users who pass a cetain stage in your app. Send them personalized messages and evaluate this segment to see how many users are engaged and drive monetization by going to the next stage based on your mobile app strategy.

Media and Entertainment

Target and influence app users in real-time. To remind users to return to their favorite show, send customized notifications that make them want to return and complete the interrupted activity.

Monitor Live User Segments

Build a comprehensive app marketing dashboard to see active app users, what they are doing, where they are coming from and successfully drive conversions. This detailed analysis helps you to evaluate your app engagement strategy and optimize it in real-time. Your app users get what they are looking for and you get to build customer loyalty.

Stream your Live User Segments to a Webhook

Webhooks are a way to receive information as it happens. With Webhooks you can send your data where you need it without writing any code. Use Webhooks to initiate a call center workflow only for those users who have abandoned cart with a product value of more than a certain amount, say $500. Easily integrate with your backend systems and take decisions in real-time.


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