Accelerating Value Realization for You

We are your partners in this journey, from integration onwards to ensuring that you’re achieving the outcomes that matter the most to you. We are your strategic advisors, advocates and product experts throughout your CleverTap journey.

CleverTap customer success is designed to help you at every step of your journey

Your goals are our priority and our focus is to ensure that you are achieving your outcomes and your teams are having a great experience working with us.

Our value delivery process is structured with the core objective to :

  • Understand and define value specific to your business
  • Design and implement based on the defined use cases and objectives
  • Strategic partnership to accelerate value realization
CleverTap customer success is designed to help you at every step of your journey

With CleverTap customer success:

Start Getting Value Faster

Start Getting Value Faster

Our onboarding managers ensure that you are integrating based on technical best practices and are able integrate successfully in a shorter period of time.
Accelerate Business Outcomes

Accelerate Business Outcomes

We work with you to define objectives and create a plan to achieve goals faster and provide you with advisory on use cases, product capabilities and technical best practices so that you are able to achieve business outcomes faster.
Set your team for success

Set your team for success

We provide periodic training and webinars and share information on our new product capabilities with your teams so that they are in a position to maximize value from the CleverTap product.
Set your team for success

Receive help, when you need it

We have a team of trained and capable product experts who are happy to answer technical questions whenever you need help.

Customer Success teams at CleverTap are aligned very closely
through every phase of your journey.

The teams are carved out based on niche skill, areas of expertise and collaborate together to help you realise real business value. We work as one team, with one goal – to make you successful.
  • We offer multiple targeted options based on customer needs.

  • Teams:

    • Onboarding Manager
    • Customer Success Manager
    • Technical Account Manager
    • Customer Success Engineer
    • Executive Sponsor
  • Services Provided:

    • Integration Support
    • Strategy and Product Advisory
    • Product Training
    • Technical Consulting
    • Technical Support

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