Why read this Ebook? 

Personalization can be broken down across three axes, based on-

  • Behavior
  • Time 
  • Location

This e-book will take a deep dive into each personalization category, tapping into a wealth of resources to expand your brand’s channels of interaction with consumers and enhance the user experience.

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The Trifecta of Personalization

A 14-page guide on time, location, and behavior based personalization

Whats in this Ebook?

Behavior-based Personalization

Know Who You're Dealing With

When your notification speaks the same language relevant to your user's recent behavior, engagement becomes contextual and users will be inspired to return to your app.

Time-based Personalization

Recognize When the Mood Strikes

Identify the "golden window" in order to engage users at the right time. Brands that send out messages at optimal times achieve open rates of 5.3% compared to brands that don't.

Location-based Personalization

Meet the Users Where They Are

Change your messaging strategy by identifying an audience segment based on a user's physical location. This way messaging becomes immediately contextual to the user.

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