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Boost Engagement, Reach Users at their Convenience.

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Make every app launch an engagement opportunity with App Inbox. Much like emails, App Inbox lets you store messages with rich media inside your app.

Messages that Remain Accessible

Unlike in-app or push notifications that go away once you’ve interacted with them, App Inbox lets users access messages again, anytime – making it an ideal channel for messages that need to stick around.

Extend Your Reach

Reach users who’ve opted out of receiving push notifications so that they can read your message at their convenience. Get their attention without interrupting the user experience.

Amplify Push Notification Delivery

Overcome the problem of Push Notifications delivery being suppressed. Augment delivery rates by as much as 15% with Push Amplification – a feature that uses alternative mechanisms to deliver messages to users’ devices. Using App Inbox in conjunction with Push Notifications guarantees the delivery of critical messages to users.

Bespoke UI to Suit Your App

Customize the UI of App Inbox to match the style of your app. You can even create customized tabs to separate different types of messages – for example: a tab for Promotions and another for Updates.
Personalized News Feed
Send messages in an Image Carousel
App Inbox Long Personalized News Feed
Long-Lasting Offers
Copy coupon codes to clipboard in 1 click
App Inbox Long Lasting Offers
Customized Tabs
Create sections within App Inbox
Lifecycle Campaigns
Send messages with rich media: video, GIF, audio, images

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