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Level Up: User Acquisition, Engagement, ASO and the Future of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a $100B industry and growth is projected to continue with 40% new users quarter over quarter. According to reports by Sensor Tower, gaming related revenue on Google Play Store and Apple App Store grew by 51.3% and 30.2% in 2020.

Mobile gaming has a D30 churn rate of nearly 94%. With a high CAC of $44 per paying user, mobile games need dynamic engagement strategies to stand-out in this highly saturated market. And then there’s IDFA!

Join Statement Games, Geeklab, AppVertiser and CleverTap, as they look at mobile gaming in 2021, and what to expect.

March 3rd, 2021 | 11 AM PST

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Key Takeaways:

Join us for an insightful discussion with practitioners from the mobile engagement space who will talk about

  • Where are new users coming from? What are the new channels of acquisition, and which channels deliver the best ROI?
  • How do you monetize users? What does it take to convert a freemium user to a paid user?
  • Where in the user lifecycle does retention kick in?
  • What would be the impact on IDFA?
  • ASO strategies for a higher UA conversion.



Jonathan Lin

Co-Founder, Head of Product and Strategy at StatementGames Inc,

Dave Dabbah

Dave Dabbah

CMO, CleverTap

Hagop Hagopian

Hagop Hagopian

Founder, Appvertiser


Jesse Lempiäinen

CEO/ Co-Founder, GeekLab