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Growth Playbook for 2022

Mobile Growth Experts Share the Strategies for Scale
DECEMBER 1 & 2, 202111:00 AM PST
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Why Attend?

Reimagine Growth is CleverTap’s flagship growth masterclass – a two-day virtual event curated exclusively for marketing, product, and growth leaders to learn the Growth Secrets that are driving success for Today’s Winning Mobile-First Brands

Join us on December 1-2, 2021 to uncover key strategies and tactics in mobile growth from leaders at Adjust, Rocketium, VWO, and CleverTap.

In this Growth Series Masterclass, you’ll learn about:

  • Optimizing your user acquisition and re-engagement strategies
  • Mastering the art of app user retention
  • Leveraging an 8-User Experience Framework to Build an Effective Experimentation Program
  • Building high-converting digital marketing campaigns

Our speakers are some of the finest growth professionals who will address the challenges they’re overcoming and their strategies to succeed.

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Growth Masterclass Agenda

Day 1   |   December 01, 2021

Accelerating Mobile User Growth

Day 1 of Reimagine Growth will focus on accelerating mobile user growth and maximizing user lifetime value by showcasing the top acquisition channels that drive user growth. We’ll then delve into how you can master retention by unifying analytics, segmentation, and engagement.
Customer Acquisition Masterclass
11:00 AM PST
In this session, our expert will talk about the top Mobile App Trends from 2021, spotlighting app usage patterns as well as sharing re-engagement best practices that can help marketers better understand post-install app user behavior. You will also learn more about acquiring better quality, high lifetime value users, and the acquisition resources for optimizing the ROAS.


Sebastian Daly

Partnerships Manager, US, Adjust

Customer Retention Masterclass
11:30 AM PST
Learn about the best practices for app user retention, benchmarking your retention and decoding the fundamentals of successful retention campaigns, the parameters for experimentation, and the factors to consider while setting up any retention campaign. You’ll also learn the frameworks for fixing activation, engagement, and reactivation to master customer retention


Eric Hwang

Product Expert, CleverTap

Day 2  |  December 02, 2021

New Growth Opportunities

Day 2 of Reimagine Growth will explore how marketers can create memorable digital experiences and unlock new growth opportunities for 2022 as we learn about CRO maturity, building effective CRO programs, consistent revenue streams, and high-growth digital marketing campaigns
Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass
11:00 AM PST
In this session, we will offer a hands-on framework and break down the entire customer journey into 8 fundamental experiences which altogether convert a visitor into a client (from the arrival experience to the support experience). Post this, we will outline a prioritization framework that has helped many clients to build CRO programs with measurable and repeatable results.


Diksha Shukla

Product Specialist, VWO

Creative Automation Masterclass
11:30 AM PST
How can growth marketers leverage visually rich content to unlock growth and launch personalized campaigns at scale? Learn the tricks of the trades and find out how Unicorns run high converting campaigns using creative automation. The session will also shed light on how marketers can unlock growth across the lifecycle.


Satej Sirur

CEO & Founder, Rocketium