CleverTap and Branch: The Bridge Between User Acquisition and Engagement

When the customer journey can start or end at any time, on any channel or device, it’s critical for brands to provide a seamless experience across every touchpoint.

It’s what makes digital marketing so complex — and why so many brands are embracing omnichannel marketing to attract and retain customers.

An omnichannel approach unifies campaigns and messaging across channels to deliver a complete, consistent user experience. And it’s a strategy that’s proven to inspire long-term customer loyalty.

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Key Takeaways:

Join us for an insightful discussion with practitioners from the mobile engagement space who will talk about

  • Learn how to measure user acquisition with Branch
  • Connect the dots between user acquisition and customer engagement
  • Build contextual, omnichannel engagement campaigns with CleverTap


Ketan Pandit

Meenakshi Ganesh

Director, Customer Success (APAC), CleverTap

Parthasarathy Sridharan

Prasoon Nischal

Agency Success Manager, Branch

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