Using Segments for Analysis

Go deep into your data to understand how each segment performs

Get a consolidated view of all the key metrics for each segment and drill down into each one

For users who App Launched greater than 5 times in May but not in the past 5 days


see key statistics for user attributes, retention, conversion, drop-offs, event trends, sessions and more

Assess each segment by your key business metrics

What is my 30 Day Retention Rate for users acquired in May?
What is my Conversion Rate for users who have referred a friend?
What is my Churn for Users who come back less than twice a week

and many more…

Compare segments to each other

Do the users I acquired from Facebook generate more revenue than the users I acquired from Google? By how much?

How does the 30 day retention rate compare for users who have shared 2 or more articles to users how have not shared any?

In which geography do my users go from new acquisition to paid the fastest?

Compare Segments

Perform a Funnel or Cohort analysis then filter the results by your segment to isolate behavior and uncover deeper insights

Conversion Funnel

8% conversion for All Users

14% conversion for Users who ‘Referred’ 3+ Friends

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Retention Cohort

18% retention for All Users

16% retention for Users acquired from Paid Ads

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