Get a real-time view of users who have uninstalled your app and evaluate the quality of traffic sources that acquire these users.

See how uninstalls are trending over a period of time

User acquisition is important. But it is even more valuable to keep acquired users and convert them into customers. Reduce churn rates by creating successful winback campaigns based on comprehensive user-level insights on iOS and Android apps.

Measure time taken between app install and uninstall

The sooner you can figure out when and why your users are uninstalling your app, the faster it is for you to get them back. Find out immediately when a user uninstalls your app and send targeted campaigns to reduce user attrition.

Use Clever Campaigns to win back lost users

Clever Campaigns are pre-built campaigns that work out of the box and are designed to accomplish specific objectives such as winning back users who have uninstalled. Just edit the templates to fit your needs and you are ready to go.

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