Send Campaigns at a Specific Time or Trigger Them Based on User Activity

Schedule campaigns to go out to users at a specific date and time. Or send automated messages based on user actions in the app.

Customer Data Platform

Get the Timing Right with Scheduled Campaigns

Specify the best time to send messages and engage app users.

If They Do X, Then Send Triggered Campaigns

Design campaigns activated by users’ current behavior in your app.

Date & Time Reminders

Your app user just booked his or her hotel room. Send a reminder push notification one day before the Check-In Date. See other examples that are triggered based on a user’s relative time (user did X 6 days ago) or absolute time (user did X on March 6 at 3:55PM).

Scheduled and Triggered Campaign Features

Campaign Reporting for Triggered and Scheduled Campaigns

Track deliveries, impressions, click-throughs, and revenue for your campaigns. Review daily, weekly, and monthly trend reports for triggered campaigns, and get them directly in your inbox.

Schedule and Trigger Campaigns via Notifications API

Trigger push, in-app, and email messages from your existing systems using the CleverTap notifications API. Send breaking news or price drop alerts by integrating your existing software systems.