Lift-off with your first Aha! Moment

Pave the way for a lasting relationship by providing new users a seamless onboarding experience. Nudge them to enable push notifications with attractive promotional deals to encourage the first booking.

Create an Exceptional Mobile Itinerary

Effectively engage users with timely, personalized messaging. Send them helpful reminders, travel updates, alerts, and location-specific information to make the entire experience with your travel app valuable.

Retain Users with Customized Messaging

Keep users coming back to your app by encouraging them to enroll in your loyalty programs. Provide them relevant information on the hottest deals based on previous bookings, limited-time upgrades.

4000 Happy Customers

The ability to have analytics and engagement on the same platform has been critical to our customer acquisition and retention strategy. CleverTap’s advanced segmentation engine allows us to send hyper contextual messages to our customers based on their past experiences. CleverTap’s robust architecture provides us with the ability to send massive campaigns for live events without having to worry about deliverability. We also enjoy the automated reminder feature that CleverTap has and it makes life easier for subscription based businesses such as ours. Since integrating CleverTap, we have increased our CTR by 5% and subscription by 10%.

Omkar Shende

AVP Product

CleverTap has proven to be a very valuable (and effective) platform for customized user engagement. Not only is easy to integrate but easy to use. CleverTap requires little to no engineering or development effort. We plan to explore the other avenues of prescriptive campaigns that CleverTap provides and to incorporate CleverTap into all our shopping apps including and Pocketly.

Craig Thayer

VP of Technology

CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. They offer an advanced Mobile CRM Technology,which lets us implement complex yet easy to set-up automated scenarios for our Android, iOS, and Windows app users. The impact of having CleverTap is clearly seen in our conversions and traffic that has increased over 50% in the last several months.

Marzdi Kalianiwala

Vice President

CleverTap has been a very valuable resource to help us engage parents with relevant non-intrusive messaging at the right moments. The whole team – from our first interaction with Arkady Fridman and CEO Sunil Thomas, to their customer success group – has offered first class service from initial ramp-up to getting us fully integrated and running automated campaigns internationally.

Robert Manger


Our team has been working since 2012 to build the best apps to create and share educational content in the App Store. We chose the CleverTap platform to provide us with the best analytics and a deeper understanding of our iPad classroom users. This has enabled us to meet our teachers’ needs and deliver contextually relevant experiences and to increase engagement for their student programs.

Felipe Saint Jean

CTO and Co-Founder

CleverTap provides a superior offering in terms of user engagement and segmentation which allows us to influence users based on their in app behavior. Moreover, we are extremely happy at their pricing that really allows us to create a multitude of events that we can track, at a very minimal cost. They also provided very hands on support to help us through the migration process which made it extremely simple, in addition to working with us to create a smart and effective event design to meet all our tracking requirements. I feel that if you are a new or growing business, CleverTap is the best platform to go with because not only do they have a better product offering, but it comes at a very affordable cost.

Daniel Calabrese


CleverTap is the perfect platform for any growth hacker in the industry. It is not just about analytics and segments, but they work with you on suggesting clever campaigns, optimization and how to better use your data! They are very strong on tech and have perhaps the best client support team with regards to deep dive and issue resolutions. Always a pleasure working with them:)

Himanshu Periwal

Vice President - Growth

CleverTap has been an effective platform for us to engage with our users in a timely fashion. Many studies have shown that at least one out of 2 shoppers have said that they would go through with the purchase of products left in their cart, if they were approached again; so we wanted to leverage this situation early on. CleverTap's action/inaction campaigns really enabled us to reach out and convert users who abandoned their carts. Their ability to engage with users in real time has changed the game for us with increased conversions from abandoned cart scenarios and I would highly recommend them to others in this space.

Revant Bhate

Head of Marketing

CleverTap helped us understand our users better and smarter. The Clever Campaigns feature especially saves a good amount of time in setting up campaigns, segmenting and targeting the users. A great tool for analytics & marketing automation.

Srikanth CH

Product & Strategy

Build and improve your target customer profile over time

To get a 360-degree view of your user, you need to know who they are and what they are doing in your app. By tracking and correlating their user profile with their user activity, you can build a complete evolving profile of your users – from what their preferences were when they started using your app to how they have evolved over time.

CleverTap’s Open Platform gives you complete control

The CleverTap platform helps build user experiences that are innovative, flexible and customer-centric. With CleverTap, you can use Server APIs to import data profiles or events from any source or export your data for external analysis into your CRM. You can also trigger separate workflows via webhooks when a high-value customer creates a critical event.

Create real-time and customizable reports that provide a customer-centric view of your business

Your product team wants to look at how the product is doing or what the customer is searching for. For eg: Track the number of itineraries created or see what flight was blocked. Your marketing team wants to send campaigns that drive product adoption or encourage a purchase. With CleverTap, you can not only create granular reports for product adoption and campaign success but also build a consolidated dashboard that shows how a product enhancement influenced a customer to purchase more.

Drive customer engagement that is powered by analytics in real-time using Live User segments

Live User Segments allow you to monitor what is happening in your app at this instant. Create criteria for your segment, and see it grow or shrink over time and define engagement tactics to achieve your business objectives. For eg: Create a segment of users who have downloaded your app but haven’t booked their first flight. Monitor this segment in real-time and add and remove users as they meet this criteria by sending notifications that encourage them to make their first purchase.


55 billion

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