The Art of Onboarding Mobile App Users

Behavioral Analytics + User Engagement

Your users deserve a great welcome

  • Make a great first impression for lasting customer relationships
  • Understand how to onboard customers using CleverTap
  • Identify friction points in your users' journey and solve them

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Why read this report?

Our data suggests that a great onboarding experience results in a 90% likelihood of users coming back to the app — and boosts user LTV 670%. 

In this guide, you'll get answers to questions like:

  • Why are users leaving?
  • Why do some users engage more than the others?
  • How often are users coming back to the app?
  • Are they part of an expensive ad campaign? If so, are they using the app as intended?
  • Do they have the potential to become active users, or better still, advocates?

Learn how to create a perfect First Time User Experience that helps new users fall in love with your app.

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CleverTap is a leading user engagement platform for today’s top mobile apps. See why professional marketers from over 4,000 companies trust us to deliver delightful and engaging mobile campaigns.

Omkar Shende

AVP Product

The ability to have analytics and engagement on the same platform has been critical to our customer acquisition and retention strategy. 

CleverTap’s advanced segmentation engine allows us to send hyper-contextual messages to our customers based on their past experiences. CleverTap’s robust architecture provides us with the ability to send massive campaigns for live events without having to worry about deliverability. 

Since integrating CleverTap, we have increased our CTR by 5% and subscriptions by 10%.

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