Why read this report?

Most app marketers struggle with the following pain points:

  • Where did all my users go? What led them to leave?
  • Why do some users engage more than the others?
  • How often are users coming back to the app after they download the app?
  • Were they part of an expensive ad campaign? If so, are they using the app in the way they are intended to?
  • Do they have the potential to become Active Users or better still, Advocates in the long run?
Our data suggests that users who have had a great onboarding experience after an app download have a 90% likelihood to come back to the app and also boosts the LTV of the user by 670%. In this paper, you will learn ways to prolong your initial interactions with a new user leading to a perfect FTUE (First Time User Experience) priming them for a longer run with you.

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